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Who is Feeling Alright Counseling?

My name is Katy Keese and I am a Somatic therapist at Feeling Alright Counseling in Madison Georgia. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, a member of the NBCC and ACA and an Intermediate Level trainee for Somatic Experiencing therapy.  I received a B.S in psychology from Georgia State University and a Masters in Professional Counseling from The University of Georgia.  My approach to counseling is client focused with an emphasis on somatic and the nervous system which means I invite your body to the session room, not just your mind.  I believe therapy is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client work together to find solutions and healing. I encourage clients to tap into the physical experience of living and assist with growing their ability to manage discomfort and find balance. 

You can do this. I'm glad you're here and taking the first step towards healing and balance.  Life is hard but you don't have to do it alone.  The fact that you're here means there's something in you that wants change and that's all it takes to get started.  I invite you to keep going and if you're up for it, I'm happy to walk along side you.

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What is Therapy?

"And then the day came,

when the risk

to remain tight

in the bud

was more painful

than the risk

it took

to blossom."  

- Anaïs Nin

Therapy is a very personal journey that beings with the relationship between therapist and client. This relationship grows and changes throughout the process.  I am enhanced by each of my clients and I try very hard to reciprocate this gift. I believe somatic therapy is a helpful tool in learning to navigate life's challenges because it grows awareness of the nervous system's responses to traumatic and every day experiences. This is important because our nervous system is what drives our behavior; the actions we tell our body to do and the actions of our bodies that are outside our choice.  My practice works to provide my clients a safe place to resolve trauma, process emotions, grow awareness, and challenge unhealthy patterns. As a human and therapist, I believe in the human spirit and work hard to lift and cherish those who have granted me the opportunity to do so.


Trauma healing requires us to feel ourselves in a new way.....

Every experience we've had is stored in our nervous system and is often outside of our awareness.  This means that everyday we are thinking, feeling, and acting based on a catalog of information we may not even remember.  A trauma happens when an event is "too big, too fast" for our nervous system to regulate and this can lead to a whole slew of distressing and unpleasant behaviors.  My practice utilizes somatic therapy to access the traumas stored in our body and assist you to renegotiate and integrate them in a new a more productive way.  My training in Somatic Experiencing® supports my clients during this healing process.

Anxiety and Depression 

Recent studies show that over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety and over 20 million are living with depression. This means you are NOT ALONE.

My practice utilizes somatic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness to help you uncover what is holding you back from feeling the way you want. I provide a safe and welcoming space to challenge yourself and break the negative thought patterns that are impacting your mental health.

Individual Therapy

At this time, my practice does not accept insurance and so my clients are considered "self-pay".  The positive side of this: it affords me the flexibility to work with my clients with little to no influence from third-parties. The negative side of this: it means I am not always able to work with everyone who reaches out.  If my rate isn't doable for you and you need a little financial support, let's talk and see if we can find a mutually beneficial solution.

My rate for 50 minutes of individual therapy :  $145

Couple Therapy

My therapeutic approach to couple work is rooted in the Gottman Method.  We will work to strengthen the friendship within the relationship, which is necessary in order to navigate the many challenges that arise within our relationship.

Initial intake $250

90 minute sessions: $200

When You're Ready to Talk.

When you decide to move forward, here's how it goes:

So you've decided to embark on the therapeutic journey and you're wondering what to do next.  The process is easy and I'm here to help.

Email or call me to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Can you set aside 20 minutes to talk? Can you share with me what issues you're struggling with right now and what changes or insights you are looking to see? Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes to talk to ease any concerns may have.  So, give me a call! (this 20 minute phone consultation is free of charge to all new clients so what do you have to lose?)

Working from Home

Complete the emailed paperwork

Once we've scheduled an intake I will email you a few simple documents to complete prior to our first meeting. They are sent over a HIPAA compliant platform and only take a few minutes to complete.

Online Learning

Relax and settle in

Once you arrive (either in person or via telehealth) we will begin the process of getting to know each other.  Any questions you may have about the initial paperwork will be answered and I will do my best to calm any nervousness you may be experiencing.  This is your journey and I am here to walk with you, not rush you or take the lead. 


To Schedule a Consultation

172 N. Main Street

Suite 100

Madison, GA 30650


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